If you have some trees in the front or back of your garden that are causing you problems or are restricting any sun light coming through, then you may be considering having these removed.

There are some small trees that you can cut down yourself, but the stumps may still be left as these are too big to dig up by hand. You may require an Essex company that specialises in Landscaping and tree stump removal that can remove these for you.

Specialist machinery will be needed. If there are quite a few tree stumps to be removed, then a stump grinder can be used. Another alternative would be to use a digger to remove the stumps if they are too big and the roots are quite far down.

Allison Paving offer our customers in Essex our fast and efficient Tree Stump Removal service. This is a very effective service that can be carried out within a day depending on how many tree stumps you would like removed.

We have the correct tools and machinery that can remove tree stumps of any size.

Here is the procedure:

  1. Our plan is to remove any tree stumps without causing too much damage to your grass, your fence panels and to avoid making too much mess
  2. We will lay boards across your garden to ensure that the digger will not ruin your grass while giving us easy access to the area we are concentrating on
  3. We will use the digger to dig channels around the roots
  4. One of our experienced team will then pull up the roots with the assistants of the digger
  5. The digger will then be used to pull out the stump
  6. The stump itself, the roots and any debris will be loaded onto our truck
  7. This will all be removed from the site
  8. We will then assess the area for any damaged fence panels
  9. If they have been damaged due to this process, these will be fixed
  10. We will then use soil to fill up the void
  11. New turf will be laid in the appropriate area
  12. Your garden will then be left as we found it. Clean and tidy


If you are considering having a new patio area in a certain part of your garden or even thinking about have your garden re-designed but there are trees there that are preventing you from having this done, then Allison Paving can help.

We have had many year of experience laying block paving, patios and new turf, so if you have decided to have the trees chopped down and have asked us to remove the stumps, we can then offer you our landscaping services to give you the perfect garden with a lovely patio area for you to relax in.

We can do the same if you are thinking about having a new driveway to the front of your home. We will remove any tree stumps and dispose of them in the correct manner.

Whatever the reason, if you would like to know more about out Tree Stump Removal service or any of the other services we carry out, then contact Allison Paving today by calling us on 0800 731506807802 843957

Or email us here info@allisonpaving.co.uk