If you have moved into a new property and are in need of disabled access, then this is something Allison Paving can help you with.

We have been providing our customers with special needs, easy access solutions making it possible for them to enter their home or garden in a wheel chair with ease. We have designed and installed attractive slopes and ramps that are extremely safe where steps cannot be used. We can incorporate these easy access entrances into your patio design giving it a natural look. Slopes and ramps can be fitted anywhere so you can have a slope going up to your front door or coming out of your back door.

We can build you a raised area where it will be easier for you to tend to your flowers if you like gardening. Raised flowerbeds can look very effective but will also be ideal for anyone that cannot bend down too far. We can listen to your ideas and help to make it easier for you to get about, outside your property.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our disabled access services or any of our other services.

Disabled Access Walls And Patio