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Essex Block Paving & Landscaping Services

Allison Paving have been offering our professional services for many years to our customers in Essex. We are specialists in the art of block paving for driveways and patios as well as providing many other services, as show below:

Artificial Grass

Have you ever wanted a luxurious looking lawn all year round?

Well, Allison Paving have the perfect solution for this: Artificial grass.
Artificial grass is made from synthetic fibres that are made to look like and feel like real grass. It has been used mainly in sport Arena’s but has now become more popular with many of our customers in Essex. We have supplied and laid artificial grass in many residential gardens because it not only looks good but it doesn’t need anything doing to it once we leave.

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Essex Artificial Grass
Block Paving Essex

Block Paving

When it comes to replacing or having a new driveway in Essex with Allison Paving, you will instantly improve the whole look and value to your home.

We have listed below the technical specifications that we undertake when laying block paving:

  1. We will excavate to 200mm of soil and with then lay 100mm of lean mix concrete as a base to minimise any chance of the base sinking.
  2. Free edges are then set on a concrete base to stop the blocks from coming loose.
  3. We add, pack down and level 40mm of sand, which helps lock the pavers together and acts as a shock absorber.
  4. We lay our blocks only once we are satisfied that the foundations are correctly installed.
  5. We then brush fine sand between the blocks for added stability, it is then compacted again to further ensure the block paving will not move.
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Brickwork and Building

Allison paving landscape and design are specialists in all kinds of building projects.

If you are looking for a new garden wall, loft conversion, garage conversion, extension, base work for outbuildings or footings and base work for a new conservatory, you have come to the right place.

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Brickwork Building Essex


At Allison Paving we understand that every decking project we take on is unique.

Some main features of the timber components we use are:

  • Wood is pre-treated for resistance to insects and rot
  • Decks or pergolas can be free standing or connected to a building
  • Decks can be built on uneven or sloping ground
  • We provide fluted decking boards which help to drain rainwater and reduce any slipping
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Disabled Access

If you have moved into a new property and are in need of disabled access, then this is something Allison Paving can help you with.

We have been providing our customers with special needs, easy access solutions making it possible for them to enter their home or garden in a wheel chair with ease. We have designed and installed attractive slopes and ramps that are extremely safe where steps cannot be used.

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Disabled Access Walls And Patio
Driveway and Wall Project


Have a look at the complete gallery of Driveway Block Paving.

If you are looking at ways of improving the exterior of your home then having a well-designed, high quality driveway laid is certainly the way to go. Allison Paving can create a driveway that will not only be practical, but will improve the appearance to your home instantly, leaving you with enough off street parking for one of more cars.

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Driveway Extensions

We at Allison paving have extended many driveways over the years and have had many customers that are more than happy to recommend us to their family and friends.

We can match the extended driveway to whatever block and pattern you already have to seamlessly integrate the blockwork around the house. If we cannot find the exact blocks, then we can assure you that the new blocks will not look out of place. You will be amazed how well we can match them up.

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Driveway Extensions
Driveway Block Paving Repairs

Driveway Repairs

Over time your driveway may start to look warn and it will most certainly be prone to crack or crumble in places.

If this is left, then it could cost you a lot more in the long run to have it repaired so we recommend getting a specialist company like ourselves to take a look to see what repairs need carrying out.

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At Allison Paving we supply and install fencing of all kinds, whether you require fencing for privacy, protection, pest control, shelter or as an attractive backdrop to your garden then look no further.

We can also supply and install the following in addition to fencing:

  • Garden Sheds
  • Summer Houses
  • Playhouses
  • Log Cabins
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Fencing Essex
Landscaping and Gardens Essex

Landscaping / Gardens

Allison Paving offer a full range of landscaping services in Essex.

The landscaping services we offer in Essex include some of the following:

  • Ponds
  • Water features
  • Pre constructed on made on site pergolas
  • Decking areas
  • Timber planter edgings
  • Railway sleepers (features)
  • Garden walls
  • All types of fencing, trellis work, picket fencing and willow panels
  • Paths made in gravel, stone or stepping stones (flagstone)
  • Wood mulch
  • Drainage
  • Tree surgery
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A new patio can transform any garden, again making your home more desirable.

We supply many different hardwearing materials that will last for many years to come, these include:

  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Slate
  • Travertine
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Essex Patios
Resin Driveways

Resin Bonding

Resin Bonded aggregates is used to create a perfect smooth surface which is ideal if you are thinking about having a new driveway, path or patio installed.

It is just another great way of getting the results you want but without having block paving. Resin bonding is made up of natural stones that can come in a combination of different colours that look really good or you could have just plain that will match with any kind of brick work you may have.

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Once any block paving has been laid, it is really important for us to seal it.

Advantages to having your patio sealed:

  • Protects against loss of colour from UV light
  • Solidifies jointing sand, inhibiting weed growth and loss of sand from joints
  • Waterproof’s paving, restricting surfaces growth of algae’s and lichens
  • Oil resistant
  • Enhances natural colours
  • Increased lifespan
  • Easier maintenance
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Block Paving Sealing

Steps / Specialist

When having a patio done, the chances are you are going to have to integrate steps into the design somewhere.

Maybe the steps are needed if you have had a raised brick area built or you need steps to lead up or down onto a grassed area. Where ever they are needed, Allison Paving can incorporate them so they fit in perfectly within your new patio.

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Before we undertake any project, our team will perform a thorough on-site survey in order to determine such factors as the type of soil, the underlying slope and which methods will best serve to prevent any excess water from pooling.

Drainage Options

There will be different water drainage solutions based upon the property in question. Some common options include:

  • Adjacent ground (such as a garden or lawn)
  • “Soakaways” or attenuation cells
  • Surface water or combined drainage systems
  • Foul water systems
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Drainage Specialist

Tree Stump Removal

We have the equipment and knowledge to remove any size of tree stump from your garden

Free up your garden space by removing old trees or tree-stumps n the front or back of your garden.

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Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is a great choice for homeowners and businesses alike because it is durable, affordable, and easy to maintain.

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider composite fencing for your home or business. First and foremost, composite fencing is a more sustainable option than traditional fencing materials like wood or metal. Not only is composite fencing less likely to cause environmental damage, but it can also last several times longer than traditional fencing materials. In addition to its sustainability benefits, composite fencing is also more affordable than traditional fencing materials. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable option for your fencing needs, composite fencing is a great choice.

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All our services come with a 5 year guarantee and are carried out by our professional team who have many years of experience in this field. We have been laying patios and driveways, installing new fence panels and building brick walls for our very happy customers that have been extremely happy with our work. We have been recommended time and time again and are happy to offer any of these services at a time that is convenient to you.



All our driveways and patios are laid on a concrete base for added strength. We never use type 1 bases to ensure your driveway and patio is as good as new, even years after it was laid. We can provide Marshall’s Parts & Labour Guarantee, delivering the assurance, plus peace of mind that only a meaningful guarantee from a manufacturer can provide.

Allison Paving are also proud to be a Bradstone Assured Installer, so peace of mind for our customers is assured.

Details of the type of work we undertake are included within the pages of our website, examples of our block paving projects in Essex & London can be viewed and references taken.

For a free, no obligation quotation, please click here to complete an enquiry form or contact us on 0800 7315068 or 07802 843957. We will then discuss your requirements and then arrange a site survey.